About Us

 Our humble beginnings started right at our doorsteps at home, our products are  handmade and homemade. We are dedicated to share this secret that " a profit is better than a job and a business is better than a salary" (Bob Sharpe).

Smarley Homemade Essentials is a SMBE (Small Micro Business Enterprise) that aims to develop a skills training that provides guidelines, resources and encourages many people to DO, CREATE,INNOVATE and MAKE some basic household products  at your home through "MYO- Make Your Own" Concept.

Smarley Beauty & Household Products Mfg. Enterprise  also adopted the " Share the Benefits Marketing" of other imported products with  proven benefits that answers to  why our customers' are interested in, how their life be better and where can they go from here- EARN & LEARN!

Just Look out for  our Services, to get more information on the Training & Seminars , send your comments, suggestions and if you need some Advise. We will be very very glad to Share with you the right information that you need  and then - Learn to Create & Innovate. 

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